8 Best Automatic Cat feeder Wet Food (August 2022)

Your pets need a great combination of food types. The food is usually wet or dry. Cats preferably require their mealtime to be prompt. You often have experienced this if your cat also wakes you up early in the morning to serve breakfast. According to recent research, if breakfast or other meal timings of cats are disturbed, then cats feel depressed and stressed all day. To rule out this problem, an automatic cat feeder is the best solution for you and your cat.

The best automatic cat feeder wet food is a device that is used to divide your cat’s food into several portions, and it also helps you to schedule the mealtimes for cats throughout the day. If you often remain busy or not at home on most days, then there is nothing to worry about your cat’s feeding, because an automatic cat feeder keeps your cat buddy well-fed in your absence. The device can be programmed according to your cat’s mealtime and serve food at those set times.

Best Automatic Cat feeder Wet Food

There are dozens of automatic feeders that claim to feed your pet with dry food, but only a handful of devices provide wet food to your cats. Wet food has many advantages and benefits for the cat. Sometimes people serve wet food due to medical reasons or serve dry and wet food for nutritional purposes on alternate days. The real challenge is to keep wet food fresh for a longer time.

Are you also searching for the best automatic cat feeder wet food for your cat? Well, it’s your lucky day! We have enlisted the best automatic cat feeder’s wet food. After going through this list, you can pick the best for your cat.

Feed your wet cat food while away

The automatic cat feeders come with timers. With the help of a timer, you can schedule the feeding times of your cat. You can set several meals and the amount of food as well. Many automatic feeders also have the ability to prepare mealtimes for the next few days as well.

This ability is beneficial for you if you are away from home and have no one to look after or feed your cat. The automatic cat feeders also ensure proper and control eating of your cat; therefore, the device regulates the weight of your pet and prevent it from overheating. The power source of automatic cat feeders is dual. You can plug it directly or use a battery when the power is cut off.

How automatic cat feeders keep the wet food fresh?

The main problem is to keep the cat food wet. From the last few years, automatic cat feeder companies have tried to solve this issue and are successful so far. Some cat feeders come with inbuilt ice packs that keep the food cold. The ice packs last for 6 hours, but it depends upon the weather and the place where the feeder is kept.

The ice packs are frozen and used when you put the food in the dispenser. This addition helps you to keep food wet and fresh for a long time until your cat is ready to feed.

Bestseller List of Automatic Cat Feeders for Wet Food

  • Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder With Ice Pack
  • TDYNASTY DESIGN 5 Meal Automatic Cat Feeder
  • Sure Petcare -SureFlap – SureFeed – Microchip Pet Feeder
  • Casfuy 5-meals Automatic Cat Feeder – Auto Pet Feeder
  • PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder
  • PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Dispenser
  • Ancaixin Automatic Timed Cat Dog Feeder
  • Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

1: Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder With An Ice Pack

Best Automatic Cat feeder wet Food

Cat mate C20 automatic cat feeder for dry and wet food comes with two large compartments. Each of the bowls can hold almost two ¼ cups of wet food. There is also an ice pack feature built into the device. The ice packs keep the food fresh for a longer time. Moreover, it is suitable for treat or medicine feeding. You can also put the trays in your refrigerator for extra freshness but before setting them in the device.

Each tray of the device has 48 hours count-down timer and requires a 1AA battery. The Cat mate C20 is specifically designed to feed two cats or dogs when you are not at home – during the day, night, or for the whole weekend. The design of the device is compact and very sleek. Therefore, you can easily place it in your utility room or even the kitchen.

The setting up is very easy and simple. The dial shows the number of hours until the next feed. The lid opens at the required time and silently as well. The power source is a single AA alkaline battery, and it can be used for up to 1 year. The maintenance of the device is simple too. The bowls and lids are dishwasher safe.


  • 1AA batteries
  • 04 pounds weight
  • Product dimensions are 10.45 x 3.38 x 8.5 inches

Key Features:

  • Two large food bowls, each bowl holds almost 1 pound of wet food
  • Ice packs to keep food fresh
  • Easy to clean, bowls are removable
  • Bowls and lids are safe for dishwasher
  • 48 hours of battery time
  • Comes with an ice pack to keep food fresh for a longer time
  • Easy to set up
  • Dishwasher safe lid and bowls
  • Sufficient battery timing
  • No battery display indicator
  • Only two compartments can be scheduled

Final words

We recommend this machine because it is simple to use and also quick. Although there are only two compartments, each bowl can hold almost two ¼ cups of food. Besides this, it is dishwasher safe, and the battery time is about 48 hours.

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2: TDYNASTY DESIGN 5 Meal Automatic Cat Feeder

Best Automatic Cat feeder wet Food

Tdynasty automatic cat feeder is one of our top picks. It is perfect for both dry food and wet food. In addition to this, the feeder has five compartments. Each of the bowls holds about 1 cup of food. The device is sturdy and airtight; therefore.

it can keep refrigerated food fresh for long as 12 hours. If you want to keep fresh food for longer than that then completely freeze the wet food and then put it into feeding trays. In this way, you can keep food fresh for 24 hours.

The device comes with a built-in timer, which allows you to set the mealtimes for pets. You can set up almost five meals in a day and select the amount of wet food according to the need. These self-feeding bowls for cats work best if you are on vacation or away from home.

One of the advantages of this device is that you can record a message for your pet but only 10 seconds to invite for a meal. Your message will play during feeding times and almost 3 times. The feeder also has a touch control panel that provides a blue backing light LCD. This feature makes setting up the meal very easy and comfortable.

The automatic cat feeder is powered by a DC adapter. But it comes with a power backup option with 4 C batteries. If your power is cut off, the feeder will automatically switch to the batteries, and it doesn’t lose its programming while switching. And when the power comes back, the device switched itself back to the DC adapter.

The Tdynasty wet food automatic cat feeder is built with high-quality material, and the design is compact as well. There is a secure latching mechanism in the lid that keeps your cats or kittens away from food until their feeding time. The tray is dishwasher safe and can be easily detached from the device. The device is also suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.


  • White in color
  • 09 pounds weight
  • Dimensions are 14.4 x 13.8 x 4.5 inches
  • Five meals automatic cat feeder
  • 6 liters capacity

Key Features:

  • Automatic and timed wet food feeder with a built-in timer
  • Can arrange up to 5 meals a day
  • Five plates can hold 1.6 lbs. dry food and 2 lbs. wet food
  • Made up of BPA free plastic material
  • 3 AA batteries and low consumption of power
  • Built-in voice recorder function
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • secure latching mechanism to protect it from cheeky cats
  • very efficient to keep wet food fresh
  • record a message for your cat
  • power backup option
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • No inbuilt ice packs
  • Can only schedule 4 meals

Final words

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility. The Tdynasty helps you to look after your pet during your family time and work time. You can easily schedule feeding time, duration, and portion sizes for your cats. The device has a novel appearance, and your pet will love it. Besides this, it’s BPA free and safe for your cat’s health.

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3: SureFeed Microchip pet feeder

Best Automatic Cat feeder wet Food

The SureFeed Microchip pet feeder is perfect for those pet parents who own many cats or pets. The dispensers are paired with an implanted microchip or an RFID collar tag to keep the pets away from eating each other’s food, and both of these microchip and collar are veterinary registered.

In case if your cat is not microchipped, you can use an RFID collar tag. One SureFeed microchip pet feeder can store up to 32 different Ids. The feeder will first recognize the scheduled microchip and then dispense food to only the owner of the microchip; this is a perfect feature in case you have many cats.

The key benefits of this device are that it keeps your cats healthier by controlling portion size and helps to manage your pet’s weight under control. It is also great for prescription diets.

The SureFeed automatic wet food cat feeder automatically closes when your cats move away. The bowl is airtight, which helps to keep your food fresh. The device works with 4 C batteries. There is also a low battery indicator that allows you to know about the battery situation.


  • White in color
  • 2 pounds of weight
  • 4 C batteries
  • Dimensions are 8.27 x 12.6 x 5.91

Key Features:

  • Prevent food stealing and stress at mealtimes
  • Holds almost 13.5 fl. Oz dry and wet food
  • The lid forms a seal and helps to retain moisture to keep food fresh.
  • Airtight storage with food microchip compatibility
  • Works with nine avid secure, 10 FDXA, 15 FDXB digit microchip number
  • Bowl capacity is 400ml of wet food.
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Suitable for multiple pets
  • The airtight lid keeps the food fresh.
  • Built-in microchips to prevent food from stealing
  • Keep the pet’s weight under control
  • Doesn’t contain ice packs
  • Can’t feed multiple meals
  • Bowls are not dishwasher safe

Final words

Different cats have different natures and habits. Some cats are shy, and others are very greedy. Every cat has an additional food requirement. SureFeed microchip can help you to supply the cat with the right food.

Moreover, this feeder is a little costly than others, but its technology is outstanding for serving portion control foods, prescription diets, and special diets.

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4: Casfuy 5 Meals Automatic Cat Feeder

Best Automatic Cat feeder wet Food

Casfuy automatic cat feeder comes with a built-in timer on 24 hours schedule. It contains five isolated sections for wet food and dry food. One tray is used for feeding, and the other four trays are kept for scheduled meals. Each bowl has a capacity for storing 240 ml of food. Trays are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Each food dispenser has a voice recorder, and you can record your message for up to 10 seconds for inviting your pet to eat. It is indeed an excellent feature when you are away from home.

Casfuy automatic pet feeder has a user-friendly LCD with easy-to-follow programming. Besides this, the device uses dual power backup with C batteries and a power adapter. When the power goes off the device switches itself to the 4 C-size batteries. The other power source is a DC power adaptor, and switching doesn’t affect the scheduled programs.


  • White in color
  • PBA free
  • 61 pounds weight
  • Dimensions are 13.46 x 13.3 x 3.66 inches
  • Recorder and speaker
  • Dual power supply

Key Features:

  • Five isolated dry food and wet food sections
  • Each bowl hold 240ml of food
  • BPA free ABS material for pet’s health
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Record message of up to 10 seconds
  • LCD
  • 4 C batteries and DC adapter
  • Easy to set up
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dual power supply
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Doesn’t contain ice packs

Final words

Casfuy automatic feeder is an economical and outstanding option for you. Moreover, it can serve both wet and dry food to your pet. The feeder is very easy to schedule your pet’s meal program. If you are not an expert in technology handling, then vocal massage can help you out to feed your pet.

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5: PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder

The PAWISE automatic cat feeder can set up only up to 2 meals but with a time duration of 2 days. The device is very simple to operate due to the timer for the next meal. When the timer is out, the lid of the device automatically opens to offer food to your pet.

Each bowl can hold almost 300 ml or 1.3 cups of wet food. As a result, the device has a total of 600 ml of food which is sufficient for more than a medium-sized cat to feed.  This is best if you want your pet to lose weight. The feeder comes with built-in ice packs that keep the food fresh for a longer time.

The device is user-friendly. Moreover, the feeder is secure and sturdy. Therefore, if your cat is rowdy, then the design can easily prevent food stealing. Besides this, the trays can be dissembled and dishwasher safe.

The PAWISE automatic cat feeder is battery-powered.  A single AA battery powers each tray. The device is affordable and budget-friendly.


  • Weight is 1.75 pounds
  • Can hold 1.5 cups of wet/ dry food
  • Dimensions are 10.63 x 9.45 x 2.76 inches
  • 2 meal automatic feeder

Key Features:

  • Ice packs to keep food fresh
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Trays can hold up to 300 ml x 2 of pet food.
  • Program meal time up to 48 hours
  • Countdown timer to schedule several hours till mealtime
  • Battery-powered
  • Suitable for small pets
  • Easy to set up
  • Icepacks to keep food fresh for a longer time
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Made only for up to 2 meals
  • Ticker timer makes noise.

Final words

The feeding dispenser is reliable and not too expensive. But the battery is placed in the feeder downside. The device has no button for off/on. Other than this, there is no warning if your battery runs out. Hence, you need to check the battery more and often to ensure the device is operating. The PAWISE automatic feeder is suitable for small size pets and not for big breeds.

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6: PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder

PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Dispenser, 5 Meal

The PetSafe brand is famous worldwide. It offers five trays, and each tray holds about 1 cup of food. The feeder is very useful to serve wet food because the cover remains closed except for feeding time.

The device doesn’t come with ice packs. Hence, you need to check the food regularly. The feeders have multiple slots, and you can easily alter the wet and dry food according to your cat’s needs. The device automatically feeds your pet five pre-portioned meals in 24 hours. Besides this, trays can be removed and clean because they are dishwasher safe.

The PetSafe automatic wet feeder has a built-in digital timer with LCD. It helps in portion control and therefore, prevents your pet from overeating. The device is made up of BPA free plastic and healthy for your pet and environment.

The feeder operates with battery power. It works with 4 D cell batteries and can be used up to 12 months.


  • Weight is 3.28 pounds
  • Dimensions are 15 x 5 x 18 inches
  • 4 D batteries
  • Serves up to 5 meals in a day
  • Dark grey

Key Features:

  • Serves up to 5 meals per day with custom mealtimes
  • Trays are removable, and each bowl can hold up to 1 cup of semi-moist food or dry food.
  • Schedule smaller meals to keep your pet’s weight in balance.
  • Extra meal option to feed your pet without canceling scheduled meals.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free plastic material
  • Easy to operate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Digital timer with LCD
  • 4 D cell batteries that can last up to 12 months
  • Doesn’t contain ice packs
  • Only a 24-hour schedule
  • Easily breakable

Final words

PetSafe 5 meal pet feeder is the right choice to purchase for your pet because it is easy to use. The setup has multiple slots to differentiate between wet and dry food. The device also ensures a balanced diet daily. The compartments are dishwasher safe, and you can disassemble them easily and quickly.

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7: Ancaixin Automatic Timed Cat Dog Feeder

Ancaixin Automatic Timed Cat Dog Feeder

Ancaixin automatic feeder is perfect for portion control and keeps your pet’s weight healthy. It has three fixed trays and a durable lid which helps to prevent the food away from the pet until mealtime.

The device contains a digital timer to set meals and meal sizes to avoid overeating of pets. The feeder can serve up to 6 meals in a day or one meal for six days. Therefore, it is excellent if you are going on a trip.

The feeder has a unique sound system that alerts your cat that it’s mealtime. The device is also useful if you want to serve a prescription or treat your pet. It has control over the lid so that your cat won’t press it by accident.

Moreover, the automatic pet feeder works on 3 AA batteries. A small status for the battery is also shown up on the device which helps you to consider the recharge or replacement of the battery.


  • Capacity is 19.2 Oz
  • ABS material
  • Weight is 2.5 pounds
  • White in color
  • Dimensions are 12 x 12 x 2.6 inches

Key Features:

  • The feeder has six trays for dry and wet food
  • Music function as a mealtime reminder
  • BPA free, odorless, nontoxic
  • Lids and tray are dishwasher safe
  • Digital timer to schedule regular feeding
  • Three-button setup
  • 3 AA battery powered
  • Use for dry, semi-wet, and wet food.
  • Sound alarm
  • The tray can get stuck.
  • A stubborn cat can break-in

Final words

The feeder is an electronic and automatic device that can serve up to 6 meals at scheduled intervals. The timer is easy to use. The device ensures the perfect portion size of both wet food and dry food.  With the help of this device, you don’t need to be worry to feed your hungry cat, in case you are away from home or at work. Sometimes the tray gets stuck in, and the device is also fragile, which is a drawback of this device.

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8: Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder With Digital Timer

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

The Cat Mate C500 can serve up to 5 meals. One at a time feed with four other feeds with schedules time when you are away on weekends or in the evening. Each tray can hold up to ¾ lbs. of food, and this amount enough for two cats or small dogs. The device is suitable for serving both dry food and wet food.

There are two built-in ice packs to keep the food fresh for a longer duration. Moreover, there is a fitting lid that helps to keep food safe and fresh.

 The feeder has a digital timer by which you can program the required meal times. There is an LCD, and once you set the meal times, it will be visible on the LCD. The cover and bowls of the device are removable and dishwasher safe.

The design of the automatic feeder is resistant to pets. The device can be fastened to a wooden board to ensure stability. It is powered by 3 AA batteries which can be used for up to 12 months.


  • The weight is 14.82 ounces
  • Dimensions are 12.2 x 11.89 x 3.7 inches
  • 3 AA batteries required
  • White in color

Key Features:

  • Made up of plastic
  • Dishwasher safe with removable trays
  • Battery status indicator
  • Two cooling ice packs
  • Close-fitting cover
  • Five food compartments, each hold up to 11.5 ounces of wet food
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Easy to remove, wash and assemble
  • Display battery status
  • Comes with ice packs to keep food fresh
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Schedule for only 24 hour
  • No airtight compartments

Final words

The Cat Mate C500 is famous among pet owners because it has excellent feedbacks. The device is affordable and easy to use. The fastening mechanism and battery indicator are the plus points of this feeder. Moreover, you can fix the automatic feeding device to the board or table. In this way, you can keep the device protected from damage or scaring from your pet in your absence.

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Buying Guide Of  The Best Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food

If you want to buy an automatic wet food cat feeder then there are a few crucial features, you should consider.

1. Size:

The right size depends on your cat’s needs. You should pick a cat feeder that meets your cat’s feeding requirements. Besides this, your place also matters; the one that fits your space is the right size as well. If you have a small room, then consider a small-size cat feeder. Similarly, if you have more than one cat, then a bigger size would be best for you.

2. Bowl size:

Bowl size is selected according to your pet size and also on the amount of food you need to dispense. For example, the smaller bowl is preferred when you are concerned about the cat’s weight or any other medical condition. Most of the automatic cat feeders have a bowl size of a single cup for each meal. But some come with 1.5 cups per meal.

3. Easy to operate:

In this advanced technology world, there are a lot of devices that undoubtedly are reliable and contain marvelous features but are very complicated to use. When we talk to pick a cat feeder, then it should be easy to use. Some automatic cat feeders allow you to feed your cat with a mobile phone app while others only require you to load food in it. You should also consider the ease of cleaning of the device.

4. Noise:

It is the most important feature in picking a cat feeder. Some devices have a louder noise that disturbs everyone, including your children, and if your cat gets scared easily, then it is not the right device for you. You should look for a cat feeder with low or no noise at all.

5. Quality:

Quality is an essential need for every device. The automatic cat feeder device should be sturdy and of good quality to withstand shocks. Sometimes cats try to break the device before becoming used to the device. A sturdy device doesn’t allow the cat to break it into pieces or steal the food.

Moreover, the automatic cat feeder devices must have a tight lock mechanism in order to keep the wet food fresh for a longer time. On the contrary, if the air goes inside, the food might goes bad soon.

6. Feeding times:

The automatic feeders are of several types. Some allow flexible timings, and some only allow a 24-hour schedule, which is not suitable. Therefore, always search for a device with random feeding times.

For example, if you want to feed your cat breakfast at 7 am, lunch at noon, and evening snacks at 4 pm, then dinner at 9 or 10 pm, you should be able to schedule the timer of the device according to this plan.

7. The number of meals:

Wet food automatic cat feeders can dispense several numbers of meals throughout the day. The majority of dispensers dispense five meals in a day, while some feeders dispense only one meal in a day. You should pick a feeder according to your number of meals.

If you want to serve your cat a couple of refrigerated meals of wet food, then you should go for a dispenser that can go up to 5 meals. In case of any medical reason, you can also schedule dry food in an automatic car feeder.

8. Battery life:

Mostly automatic cat feeders use electricity, but you can also find a few with backup battery sources. Devices with backup batteries are a good choice, especially in case of a blackout. Whenever light goes off, the cat feeder switches automatically to the batteries without affecting the schedule.

On the contrary, cat feeders with only electrical power sources can lose the programmed schedule when the power goes off.

Final Verdict

There are some great options available for excellent Cat feeders. In this technology world, it is a smart move to use your resources and save you time efficiently. Automatic wet food cat feeders come in various sizes and shapes. Every feeder has different features and functions.

Depending upon your pet’s needs for a meal, you can select one feeder. Moreover, storage space, low noise, and efficiency is also important. You can say goodbye to your worries about feeding your cat when you are on vacation or away for weekends.

In addition to this, you can change your cat’s feeding habits and also serve proper meal-sized food or a prescription meal. Try to look out for a feeder with a warranty so that, in case of any trouble, you can claim and save your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Are automatic cat feeders a good idea?

Automatic feeders are designed to dispense a proper amount of food at your scheduled time. These devices are a great solution to feed your cat when you are away.

2: My cat is terrified by the feeder’s noise. Is there a technique to help my cat?

At first, most cats become curious about the noise or alarm. But you should encourage and guide your cat with affection to come to eat. You can see different tutorials on YouTube channels to train your cats as well.

3: Could your cat violate to get more food?

The automatic wet food feeder needs to be designed in a way to stop the cat from trying to break in. the odor of wet food is very mesmerizing for pets, and there are chances that cats break in the device to get food. To avoid this, feeder trays should be well protected.

4: Can you customize the feeding times?

A very important point is the programming of meal time according to the needs of your cat. Some devices allow customizing meal times while others work based on default intervals.

5: How many mealtimes do the feeder dispense per day?

If you want to dispense your cat five meals in a day, then you should check your feeder’s ability first. Thoroughly check whether your device can serve meals for 2, 3, or more days.

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