Best Dog Grooming Scissors

How do you know which dog grooming scissors are the best? There are many different types of grooming scissors available in the market and a wide variety of brands that have made a much easier selection of the best dog grooming scissors.  In this way, you can fulfill your dog’s grooming session with actual needs and make sure the whole process is out of danger and unharmed.

For the good health of animals, tools should be safe for use and need to be as hygienic as possible. You should keep antibacterial soap, a soft cloth, and rubbing alcohol in your dog grooming kit.

In every profession, you need to have specific tools to complete your job. Similarly, it is essential to have a dog good grooming kit, whether you are in a salon or at home. For these safe and high-cost tools, you have invested your hard-earned money. It doesn’t matter; having the tools, but keeping them clean is a priority. If you are a professional groomer, you will require the best professional scissors for trimming or haircut for your dog. By best grooming scissors means the ones which are perfect for cutting.

Best Dog Grooming Scissors

Having a long hair dog that needs grooming regularly, it’s crucial to select a pair of grooming scissors that are well made and easy to use. If you plan to visit the salon for grooming your dog, you may also need to consider a good pair of grooming clippers.

Clippers are the electric trimmers that exterminate the need for a monthly or weekly visit to the groomers while operating while keeping nervous pets calm, low vibration, low noise, low heat, and other nerve soothing technologies. In this way, you can do your job without bells and whistles. But if you want to do grooming at home, the clippers are not as safe as the scissors are. Many dog owners who are interested in doing grooming of their dogs at home prefer scissors.

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Things you should consider while buying grooming scissors

Whenever you go to buy grooming scissors, you should consider the following few features.


Scissors are usually made from different kinds of metal. The majority go for stainless steel, which is not only durable but also lighter to use. It equally performs an extra sharp edge for cleaning and precise cuts as well. When it comes to price, you will also find that stainless steel is an affordable option.


Many manufacturers have designed scissors for different purposes. It’s very important to know for which purpose you are buying a pair of grooming scissors. Some are for cutting the fur around the tail, many are designed for trimming the hair, and others are for cutting out matted hair.


Due to many pet products in the market, the brand is exceptionally important. Top brands have been up running for years, and they have proved their quality products.

Other brands have built a reputation for themselves for little time. It’s hard not to trust those brands. Therefore, it is very important to make sure the brand has a good history of making quality and comfortable products, which are safe enough to use.


You can find different sizes and shapes of dog grooming scissors. Some sizes and conditions are to serve long scissors and could measure up to 8.5 inches in length. In comparison, some short grooming scissors are about 5.5-6 inches. For a cleaner finish, long scissors are the best choice of groomers. On the contrary, short scissors are used to pay much attention to certain areas and provide more control for a detailed finish. Small scissors are lighter and easier to handle.

Different types of dog grooming scissors

There are 20 other dog grooming scissors. Although the scissors are not the best for dog grooming, they are the best of the rest, and each contains great options to groom your pet.

1. Thinning shears for dogs:

These professional-quality thinning shears are designed for finishing work and correct coat length. It is designed for fine adjustment. The scissors contain finger holes with comfortable finger rests and also available in several sizes. This type of scissors is perfect for removing bulk and thick coats, small mats, and making patterns.  Mostly, these scissors are preferred for Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians.

2. Curved dog grooming scissors:

A superior quality pair of dog grooming scissors contains stainless steel curved blades with a comfortable plastic handle and excellent value for the money. These scissors have 7 inches curved blades that are perfect for the trimming of your dog. Due to better angles, these scissors cut hair better than straight scissors.

3. Straight Cutting scissors:

The straight cutting scissors are most common for trimming dog’s hair. The shears are about 8 inches for curly coats. These types of scissors are usually used in the best grooming scissor kits for puddles. Moreover, these are also used for small dogs. The shears with 4 inches are good for precise cutting around feet, legs, and eyes.

Dog Grooming Scissors – Bestseller List


Best Dog Grooming Scissors

  1. Scaredy cut silent pet grooming kit.
  2. Pet Magasin Grooming scissors
  3. Chibuy professional pet grooming scissors
  4. Lovin pet grooming scissors
  5. Gimers dog grooming scissors kit

Here we have narrowed our search to top dog grooming scissors.

1. Scaredy cut silent pet grooming kit:

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Dog


  • Super quality stainless steel scissors
  • a variety of combs to cut lengths
  • Consists of 16 pieces. One scissors, seven combs, two comb organizers, four-finger inserts, one grooming guide, one storage bag.
  • perfect for apprehensive dogs

This kit is the best choice for most pet parents. These dogs grooming special scissors are complete with seven clips on combs used to cut off pet lengths. This kit provides you with everything you need to achieve professional results during the grooming sessions of your pup. This kit contains a pair of high-quality stainless steel grooming scissors, a comb organizer, and gel finger inserts.

  • gentle grooming for sensitive pets
  • Include seven combs for cut length from 1.5 inches to 1 inch so that you can choose your measurement according to your suitability.
  • Not great for professional use
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2. Pet Magasin Grooming scissors:

Pet Magasin Round Tip Dog Grooming Scissors


  • Set of 2 scissors
  • Stainless steel blades with rounded tips
  • A perfect kit for all over grooming
  • Cushioned handles and extra finger rests.
  • Best budget pick

This pet grooming scissors kit is a simple set of tools to trim the dog’s fur. Simple but superior quality kit contains two pairs of scissors, a long pair with smooth blades and small pair with micro-serrated blades. Both pair provides a perfect solution for trimming body fur and sensitive areas of your pet grooming session. This kit is complete with cushioned handles and gel finger inserts.

  • Rounded tips for safety
  • Safe to use around-ear and face
  • Long shears don’t cut after some time.
  • Finger holes are a bit small.
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3. Chibuy professional pet grooming scissors:

Professional Pet Grooming Scissors with Round Tip Stainless Steel Dog Eye Cutter for Dogs and Cats


  • Safe for sensitive dogs and around face, paws, and ears
  • Durable and affordable
  • Easy to use ergonomic handles, extra finger rests
  • High-quality stainless steel blades
  • Adjustable screw design between two blades to tighten or loosen the blade

It is an affordable kit. The scissors are designed with great care, safety, easy to use, and are comfortable for long grooming sessions. You can safely use it around the eyes, the face of your pet, and cut thick fur thoroughly and easily.

  • Sharp blades
  • Safe and durable
  • The handle is not that comfortable.
  • Doesn’t open and close quite smoothly
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4. Lovin pet grooming scissors:

LovinPet Pet Grooming Scissors Professional Dog Cat Grooming Shears with Round Blunt Tip Stainless Steel


  • Safe and easy to use even for face areas
  • 7 inches blades with reliability
  • Curved seven inches stainless steel blades
  • Comfortable cushioned handles
  • Adjustable tightening screw to separate scissor for cleaning

Lovin pet grooming scissors are comfortable and have cushioned to prevent slips, especially adjustable tightening screw, high-quality stainless steel, and blend blades for superior safety.

  • Great length for trimming
  • Provide a balanced grip
  • Blades tips may pull dog hair.
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5. Gimers dog grooming scissors kit:

Gimars Titanium Coated 3CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit


  • Titanium coated 3CR stainless steel blades to prevent it from rusting.
  • Work great on removing tangles, blending mat, and loosening hair.
  • Contains three pair of scissors and a grooming comb
  • Consist of a cleaning cloth and leather zippered pouch
  • Removable and adjustable tightening screws

This kit comes complete with the best dog grooming scissors kit with straight scissors, thinning shears, curved scissors, and a trimming comb. A cleaning cloth and handy leather zipper pouch overall, this kit offer a specific selection of high-quality tools at a surprisingly affordable price.

  • Glide easily
  • Great for both professionals and beginners
  • The case is a bit tight.
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It’s entirely up to you which type of dog grooming scissors you select as your review to identify the best-based factors like quality, affordability, and functionality.  But, you should pick one of the grooming kits, which offers a guarantee to return the scissors or change in case of any issue, so that you can purchase grooming scissors without any worries of scam.


Should I invest in a dog grooming scissors kit or buy them separately?

If you have a dog with curly hair or thick strands, you should invest in a dog grooming scissors kit. On the contrary, you can also buy scissors separately if your dog hairs are thin or slow, such as in bulldogs.

Is it safe to use human scissors on dogs?

Human scissors are not recommended for dogs. First of all, human scissors are sharp for dogs. One mistake can hurt your dog. Secondly, human scissors are thick, and these scissors cannot cut fur precisely. Thirdly, human scissors come without safety features, and various dog breeds are very sensitive. Therefore you should avoid human scissors on dogs.

How to sharpen dog grooming scissors?

You can easily sharpen the dog grooming scissors with a professional sharpener tool available in the market these days. These sharpeners also come in an electric device. The right sharpening of blades can be ensured by shearing at the right angles and applying the right amount of pressure.

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