Best GPS for Dogs

Best GPS for Dogs



Best GPS for Dogs: A dog is like another member of the family: you wouldn’t know what to do without him. If the worst happens and one day he runs away while you are out walking or from a hole in the fence, panic would break out. How could you find it and bring it back home?

If a family member gets lost, it is easy to find him with a cell phone call. This is more complicated with wandering dogs. The best solution currently available to find a lost dog is animal tracking technology, specifically GPS and non-dog trackers.

There is a brand new range of dog trackers on the market, and they have varying qualities and complexities. You may prefer a simplistic product that uses various services, such as activity tracking and real-time monitoring via a mobile app.

Let’s see what’s on the market and what’s the best choice for you and your dog according to our buying guide, along with a summary of the best dog trackers.

Why we recommend them 

The statistics show that each year thousands of disappearing animals, the report Assalco detects the disappearance of about 300,000 animals a year. Some authorities say that around a third of pets move away from families and homes at some point in their life.

While the microchip can be used in a number of ways, it is not particularly efficient as a locator, as it requires someone to find the dog and have the chip scanned for you, the owner. Most of the missing dogs are found thanks to searches in the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

In these cases, the dog tracker is the best tool to find and bring your dog back home. With the quality of your network connection, the type of signal used, and the characteristics of the tracker, you should be able to discover the area in which it is and easily find the dog.

Dog trackers are not only practical, they also offer essential peace of mind for owners when walking their dogs or leaving their puppy alone at home. Some products will allow you to set ‘safe zones’ for your dog and will warn you as soon as the animal leaves that area.

Some trackers are also able to track your dog’s activity and exercise levels, a great way to learn more about your dog and improve his physical and mental health.

Who could benefit from trackers 

GPS trackers are very useful for those who have a lot of land or if you have dogs that often run away and would like to know where your puppy is at any time.

Owners who benefit most from the tracker are those with fast or very adventurous dogs in the family. If you find yourself looking for your dog too often, it will probably be easy for you to motivate the initial purchase and cost of a potential GPS tracker subscription.kisspng cat dog gps navigation systems gps tracking unit t technological sense runner 5b4998263f6c66.7285066515315497342598

Even if your dog has never gave an inclination to run away, you will still find advantages in a tracker. Not only do they keep you calm, but they also keep you informed about your dog’s exercise and behavioral habits.

For many dog ​​owners, a tracker is a high-tech insurance policy.

Different types of locators 

They should not be confused with the common microchip that identifies your pet in a database.

There are trackers that attach to your pet’s collar, so you can open a visual map on your PC or smartphone to get real-time notifications if it strays or enters places it shouldn’t be.

There are basically two types of dog trackers: GPS and radio. GPS is the latest technology and offers features that radio does not have, but radio is more reliable if you are in an area with a weak satellite signal.


Radio locators have been around for years and were initially used for hunting dogs that wandered far and wide every day. Today radio locators have been adapted for the masses and offer reliable short-range locations.

Because they don’t require GPS signals or network connections to find your dog, they are often the first choice for those living in remote areas.

Radio trackers usually consist of two parts: the part that attaches to the dog’s collar and a handheld device for you. You should press a button on the device to send a location request to the piece attached to the collar, which will respond indicating if it is within range. The results will appear on the device screen.

GPS Link

The GPS trackers are more advanced than the radio products and generally offer many features in addition to a more precise location.

Most GPS trackers allow you to follow your dog’s movements from your smartphone and sometimes from your PC. Many have apps that allow you to note trends and activity levels.

They have a much wider range and will be able to track your dog wherever he goes (as long as there is the necessary connection). The best GPS trackers offer you real-time location, satellite imagery and sometimes can even locate the dog in the house.

Limitations of dog trackers 

While animal tracking technology is developing fast, it is still not a perfect solution for finding lost animals and can still improve.

The main limitation of GPS trackers is that their reliability and accuracy depend on the available satellite connection. Most tracking companies use both the satellite signal and the mobile phone network to increase the coverage area.

For this, you will probably have to pay a small subscription each month to access that network. For many people, this small price will be worth the security that this technology brings, while for others, it may be hard to accept, especially if cellular coverage in your neighborhood isn’t up to par.

On the other hand, radio-tracking always works, but its range is much more limited, and it does not have the necessary technology for precise or real-time tracking. This could pose a problem if your dog is covering large distances. In this case, you will have to walk or drive until the tracker tells you that you are within the signal range of your dog.

Another aspect to consider is the battery life of the product. Radio trackers usually have a longer lifespan than GPS, as the latter work harder to continuously connect to signals and monitor the dog, this is not a problem, but you will have to remember to recharge the device.

Other features to consider 

There are other aspects to consider when it comes to buying a dog tracker: specifically, some features that might make one product more suitable for your needs than another.

Resistance to water 

Some of the more sophisticated models are completely waterproof, while others are water-resistant only.

If you have an adventurous dog that could probably run into the water after escaping, such as a Labrador, perhaps it’s best to limit your search to waterproof models. If it is not waterproof and your dog takes it in the water, it will stop working and become useless.

If your puppy avoids water or can’t find water in the surrounding area, then a water-resistant product will do.

Activity monitoring 

One of the features that some GPS trackers boast is to monitor your dog’s activity levels. This could be very helpful if you are trying to reduce your dog’s weight or if he is injured.

By monitoring your activity levels, you can adjust your food intake and the duration of the interactive game.

Trackers that can monitor the dog’s movements around the house allow you to observe the dog’s behavior when you are not around. You can see if the dog is relaxed or if he suffers from separation anxiety and is moving around non-stop.

Safe zone setting 

Some GPS trackers will allow you to set a ‘ safe zone ‘ for your dog and will notify you as soon as the dog leaves the designated area. This feature is very useful for those with ‘escape artist’ dogs that run away from the enclosure at the first opportunity.

Safe zones are usually indoors, although some products allow you to set up various safe zones for each pet, which could be useful if you take your dog on vacation with you. You can turn off notifications when you take your dog out of the safe area to take him for a walk or for other activities.

Buy the right size for your dog 

When you decide to buy a GPS tracker for dogs, it is important to choose one that is not too bulky for your dog to carry. Usually, the tracker attaches to the collar, and you should make sure it is strong enough to stay attached to the collar, even when the dog is running, but light enough not to bother him.kisspng cat dog pet microchip implant gps tracking unit petpointer tracker gps pour chiens et chats app 5be42562d14c70.3471861115416784348573

Most trackers have a weight limit of at least 4.5kg, as smaller dogs would not bear the weight. Obviously, large dogs like Labradors will pass this limit without any problems!

The best GPS and non-GPS trackers for dogs and animals of 2021 

Here are the best pet trackers on the market.

🥇 Tractive GPS Dog Tracker (Our Favorite) 

The Best GPS for Dogs is our pick, Tractive –  Another feature-rich GPS tracker that requires a monthly subscription. It needs a mobile connection and allows real-time localization 24 hours a day from the app or on the computer.

Where to buy: 👉 Tractive


  • It works in over 80 countries
  • It uses both GPS and cell phone connections for location.
  • It can track your dog’s movements in real-time, 24 hours a day.
  • It is the smallest GPS tracker on the market and has two different sized hooks for the collar, so it is not too annoying for the dog.
  • Waterproof and very resistant.
  • Integrated LED light to give your dog more visibility at night and allow you to track him more easily.
  • It has a built-in sim that does not require a contract (although there is still a monthly subscription).
  • The app allows you to record allergies, vaccinations and even manage appointments.


  • Battery life isn’t very good; customers report 1.5 days of runtime compared to the advertised 2-5 days.


Pod GPS locator 3 link

One of the best Best GPS for Dogs as well is The Pod 3 GPS tracker is presented as more than just a tracker. Its adaptable nature allows it to track down virtually anything. Since the release of Pod 2, Pod 3 has proven to be another winning Pod locator. It combines everything in one high-quality tracker and more.29dpi

At a Glance (Features and Benefits)

Pod is a well-known industry leader in dog and cat tracking, as demonstrated with the Pod 2. The Pod 3 is waterproof and boasts 24/7 tracking thanks to its 4-layer system that includes GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile connectivity, works both outdoors and indoors. It also has a health and fitness tracking system that really gives you what you would expect from a tracker of this level.

Other features include:

  • The location service can be used on Apple iOS 8+, Android 5.0+, and on the internet page of your PC or phone.
  • The package includes 3 months of service.
  • The location service includes global coverage (up to 175 countries).
  • Set up multiple virtual fences to delimit safe zones and receive notifications when your pet has gone too far.
  • The tracker alerts you if your pet has been involved in an accident or if it exhibits unusual behavior.
  • FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION (offer valid for a limited time!)


  • The tracker is quite small, it can be easily attached to collars and harnesses.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Thanks to the global coverage, it is an attractive choice, no matter where you live, you can also use it if you take your pet abroad.
  • The tracker’s adventure mode allows you to visually monitor your dog. This functionality is not always present in other similar products.
  • Customer service is second to none and ensures customer satisfaction in the shortest possible time.


  • It can be very large for a small animal; (TIP!) If you place the tracker on the side, it will be less annoying.
  • The manufacturer number can be difficult to find.
  • Some people have noticed a short battery life, 1-2 days. However, this can generally happen due to the connection process.

Customers have continued to enjoy the functionality of this tracker and its activity monitoring due to its high quality and commitment to making sure that animal safety comes first. While it may have some imperfections (nothing is perfect), pet owners have overlooked them, as they believe the tracker’s various features make up for the product’s few cons.

Additionally, customers reported that the product performed in accordance with their expectations. For those who look at the aesthetics of all accessories and tools, you will be pleased to know that this tracker also has an elegant design, it looks like a small battery, but the matte black color and the contrast with silver give it a sophisticated and elegant appreciated by many.

All in all, this tracker can not only ensure that your pets are safe but that they are also in excellent health. Its unique modular system and other technologies have enabled this locator to offer excellent performance for customers around the world.


Kippy LIFE  link

Another pick of the Best GPS for Dogs: This product makes sure you always know where your furry friend is. If you are looking for a high-quality GPS locator, you could try the Kippy VITA.

Say no to the distance limit

Need to check where your dog is when you are not in town or in the country? This product allows you to do that. You can use the GPS tracker in Europe, South Africa, and India at no additional cost. This product uses Vodafone to ensure high quality coverage.

Monitor your dog’s activities

This device not only allows you to monitor the position of your dog but also makes sure that you take care of his health at all times. As an owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your pet is in perfect health. This product does this by monitoring the activity of the animal. You will not only receive notifications about the dog’s daily activities, but you can also take into account the consumption of calories, thus ensuring an optimal weight.


  • This GPS can provide updates every 6 seconds.
  • The product allows you to set up a virtual fence and be notified when your pet passes it.
  • After purchasing the product, you must purchase the localization service by visiting the site.
  • The cost of the service is € 7.99 per month
  • The product is waterproof and adheres well to your pet’s collar.
  • The battery life is seven days.


  • The product has an anti-shock function which ensures the safety of your pet.
  • The tracker allows you to set custom goals and makes sure they are completed.
  • It is easy to install on the harness.


  • The product is bulky.
  • GPS sometimes lags.

Even if the product has some imperfections, customers overlook them as the tracker offers various features. Pet owners praised the product for its quality and yield.

Overall, this product is the solution to all your pet problems. If you want to be sure your puppy is in excellent health and always know where he is, you should buy the Kippy VITA GPS tracker and activity monitor.



Trax is a Swedish company that appeared on April 26, 2016.

If you are thinking of going overseas and do not want to leave your pet, important possessions or children at home alone, then the Trax GPS tracker is the Best GPS for Dogs solution to your problem. Now you can keep up with your valuables and loved ones outside of your home country, where Trax coverage is present, with a rugged GPS tracker, as it works in more than 39 countries.

You can travel without fear of anything, you will receive a message and emails from the GPS tracker wherever you go. This is the smallest GPS tracker in the world with amazing features. No other tracker uses three satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) apart from this one. That is why the Trax GPS tracker provides more accurate data.

This device can be attached to any harness loops or to the collar. There is also a clip with the device so you can put it on your clothes. You can also put it in your child’s clothes pocket, so you will receive updates on his location when he goes to school.

Coverage in 40 countries

The Trax GPS tracker works in 40 countries: Trax Best GPS for Dogs works in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, New Zealand, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United States, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and Hungary.


Trax has more features than other traditional GPS trackers. These features include:

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking – Trax has the most advanced form of GPS tracking technology. This product offers intelligent real-time location, and you can see the exact location of the device. You can use the apps to check the location on the map. This app is very simple to use. If you often work on a laptop or PC, you can use web monitoring for the tracker.
  • Geo-fence – Today, everyone is looking for devices that do multiple things at the same time, and the Trax GPS tracker has this feature. You can set up geofences for different devices. The geofence allows you to define a ‘safe zone’ and if the tracker enters or leaves that area, you will receive a warning by message and by email. You can also schedule the activation time to receive notifications. You can change the type and size of the fence whenever you want. Just draw it on a smart device. Different areas can be controlled with these fences, which can be created by hand or using polygonal, circular, and rectangular drawing tools.
  • Proximity Fence – An incredible panic situation, your child suddenly disappears in the park. To avoid this situation, you could create a digital fence around you, and if your child exceeds the limit, you will immediately receive an alert from the Trax GPS tracker. Same thing goes for the dog, if you are afraid to take him to the park because he might get lost, you will no longer have to worry, set up the fence and let the dog free.
  • Schedule – If your child is in school and you want to keep an eye on him during that time, you can set the length of time he is at school and receive phone and email alerts if the child enters or leaves that ‘safe zone’.
  • Motion Tracker – Another amazing feature of this device is motion-activated tracking, in the absence of motion the tracker won’t work, so you save on battery consumption. The faster the tracker moves, the more updates you will receive.
  • 24 Hour History – With this app, you will be able to see where the tracker was at any given time. You can see the history of the last 24 hours. If you have been busy all day and have not checked your child’s movements, you can view the history of the last 24 hours.
  • Speed ​​Limit – If your child has reckless driving and you worry all the time, you won’t have to do it again. You can set a speed limit on the Trax GPS tracker and if the limit is exceeded, you will immediately receive a notification via message and email.
  • Locating multiple devices – Do you want to control several trackers at the same time? Don’t worry, you can now receive updates from multiple devices at the same time. For example, two parents can both receive notifications about their child.
  • Sharing of information – Nobody wants to share your personal information. Do you need to share tracker information without revealing your account password? No problem! Activate the share option on the app menu and let others follow you.
  • Now you can send emergency notifications via the Trax GPS tracker, If you fall somewhere, and you cannot use your mobile phone, then the trackers connected to your phone will receive notification messages, as the Trax has a built-in gyroscope which sends out warnings if the device is dropped.
  • Augmented reality – Another incredible feature of the app is augmented reality, through which you can find a lost tracker. Thanks to the built-in camera, you can locate the distance in the right direction, just rotate the phone, and it will show you the right direction on the screen. It can be helpful for seniors suffering from memory loss.
  • App Languages: The intuitive “Trax” app also has several language options, which include: Czech, French, English, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak, and German.


  • Tracker is small – This small device is very useful for tracking children and animals thanks to its size. The Trax tracker can be attached to the baby’s clothes or your pet’s collar.
  • Real-Time Tracking – Every 10 seconds, you will receive tracker updates and current location.
  • Free data and services for the first two years – There are different expenses to go through each month, but you won’t have to worry about subscribing to the device’s services, as you will have free data and services for the first two years.
  • International localization (39 countries) – Coverage is now available in 39 countries at a reduced cost, which would be useful if you are planning a vacation to one of these places.


  • Lack of panic button – This locator does not have an emergency button, which is the main disadvantage of this device.
  • Short Battery Life – Other trackers have longer battery life. That of the Trax GPS tracker lasts 24-48h. If you charge your device every day, it is perfect for you as it does not drain the battery when it is in motion tracking mode.


Hopefully, you now have a good idea of ​​the many benefits of pet trackers and the Best GPS for Dogs, the type of product that would be good for you and your puppy. Given the number of animals that are lost each year, a tracker is an easy way to rest easy and keep your dog safe.

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