Do motorcycle helmets for dogs work? Yes, motorcycle helmets will protect your dog from any casualty that happened during your ride and plays the role of cushion to save your dog’s head in case of a road accident. There should be no compromise on your dog’s protection. Furthermore, to ensure the safety of your pet, choose the best motorcycle helmet for dogs. It also helps to keeps your dog’s head safe from hot sunny weather or wind and rain.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Dogs

Besides taking it as a protective gear, nothing is cuter than using your dog some stylish and fashionable accessories like a motorcycle helmet while going out with you on a motorcycle ride. Your pet will look so cool and equally enjoy the ride and make you tension free from any danger. Therefore, every pet owner looks for the best motorcycle helmet for dogs.

Pro-tips before purchase:

  • Physically measure the exact width and length of your dog’s head.
  • Measure the distance of your dog’s head from his folded ear and then unfolded
  • Use straight measurement tape without any curve in it.

How to choose the best motorcycle helmet for dogs (Expert guide)

Few key features keep in mind while buying a motorcycle helmet for your dog.

Protection and safety:

It’s a fact that no motorcycle helmet provides 100% protection but Keeps this on top priority and chooses the best one, ensuring your dog’s maximum safety. There is a difference in quality, and some are likely to safer than others. The material used in the helmet should be more substantial and do not easily breakable.

Size and fitting:

Do not buy an oversized or unfit helmet for your dog. It will not protect your dog as well as wastage of your money. Choose the right-sized helmet for your dog. The solution is to measure your dog and match with the product size guide and then buy it. Select the best possible fit sized motorcycle helmet for your dog.


Make a budget-friendly purchase. Before going to buy, just put some effort into browsing different helmet prices and comparing with your pocket, and selecting the best one.


Make sure that helmet must be as comfortable as possible for your dog. If your dog is enjoying it while wearing it and not seems to be irritated, that means it’s comfortable for him. Ideally, you also don’t want a too heavy product to carry out, making your dog discomfort able. It should be very lightweight and flexible in adjustment.

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Best Motorcycle Helmet for Dogs

  1. Lifeunion funny cool pet doggie motorcycle bike helmet cap
  2. Fdit pet dog helmet cap hat ABS plastic motorcycle helmet
  3. Braceus cool pet dog helmet
  4. GUGELIVES Pet dog helmet
  5. Enjoying dog helmets for motorcycles
  6. LESYPET dog motorcycle helmet

1. Lifeunion Funny Cool Pet Doggie Cap Hat:

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Dogs


  • Available in four different colors; pink, black, orange, and purple
  • It comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.
  • Made up of high-quality ABS material
  • Light in weight, and comfortable
  • Sponge padded inside to provide safety from minor trauma.
  • The adjustable chin strap and will not lift off during speed.
  • Protect dog’s head from sun, rain, irritating objects, and wind
  • Weight is 6.03 ounces.

Pet owners who like to provide extra protection to their dogs during a ride should consider this helmet.  The helmet is built up with ABS material to protect the dog’s head from direct sunlight, rain, and wind.

There are four eye-catching colors in this helmet, and you can choose according to your preferences. However, shiny black is more popular than others. The chain strap can be adjusted according to the dog’s head, and it fits perfectly. You don’t need to be worried during the ride because it will not come off quickly. Besides this, the helmet has a padded covering inside, making the helmet more comfortable and safe.

  • Easy to put on and off
  • Don’t come off during the ride.
  • No protection for eyes
  • Straps are difficult to adjust.
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2. Pet Dog Helmet Cap Hat Motorcycle Helmet:

Pet Dog Helmet Cap Hat Motorcycle Helmet


  • Black in color
  • Made up of high-quality ABS material
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Sponge padding inside makes it comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable chin strap made up of nylon material.
  • Water-resistant and stain-proof helmet
  • The diameter of a medium-sized helmet is 5 inches.
  • The helmet weighs 1.41 ounces.

Fdit pet dog helmet is made up of sturdy and strong ABS plastic material that can withstand minor blows. You can use this dog helmet for many years. Besides this, there is an option of a padded sponge inside the helmet bell, which provides comfort to your dog. For length adjustment, a chin strap made up of nylon is attached to the helmet. The strap is safe to fit and tight enough that it won’t come off during the ride.

The helmet is water-resistant and ideal for rain, sun, and wind. Moreover, this has a stain-proof surface to protect it and maintain its exterior. The black color of the helmet is eye-catching and gives a striking look to your dog.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Padded interior and reliable plastic exterior
  • Easy to set on
  • The strap fitting is difficult
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3. Braceus Cool Pet Dog Helmet Riding Cap:

Braceus Cool Pet Dog Helmet Ridding Cap


  • It comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.
  • Available in four different colors; pink, purple, orange, and black
  • Made up of high-quality ABS plastic material
  • Adjustable chin strap to provide safety during the ride
  • Soft sponge mat interior gives a buffer effect and protects the dog from wind, sun, and rain.
  • Recommended for small dogs and cats
  • The small, medium and large diameter are 4″, 5″ and 6″ respectively.
  • The helmet weighs 0.32 ounces only.

Braceus motorcycle helmet for dogs provides head protection not only on a motorcycle but also on a bike. The helmet is light in weight; therefore, it is very comfortable to wear. Besides this, the interior is covered with a sponge padding, which acts as a cushion and protects your dog’s head from any trauma.

The built-in visor protects your pet from dust, dirt, wind, and sun rays. In simple words, the helmet offers all-around protection to your pet. Pet owners often face problems to search for a suitable helmet for small size pets. However, this helmet is specially designed for small dogs and cats. You can also adjust it with the help of a chin strap according to your pet’s face.

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable fit
  • the chin strap is difficult to adjust
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4. GUGELIVES Pet Dog Helmet Doggie Hardhat for Puppy:

4. GUGELIVES Pet dog helmet


  • It comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.
  • Available in six different colors; pink, orange, white, black, purple, and blue
  • Made up of high-quality ABS material
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Protect the dog’s head from wind, direct sunlight, rain, and irritant objects
  • Sponge padded interior to make it safe
  • Light in weight and comfortable
  • Adjustable chin strap to quickly wear
  • Suitable for small to big dogs such as teacup, Yorkie and golden retriever, etc.
  • Non-toxic, stylish, and creative design
  • The helmet weighs 0.81 ounces.

GUGELIVES pet dog helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets for dogs due to its unique features. The helmet is too light in weight, therefore comfortable to wear for dogs. No matter which sized dog you have, this helmet is suitable for small to big pets as it is also available in different sizes and colors. You can pick your required color.

The helmet is build w with premium quality ABS plastic material, which is non-toxic, sturdy, and durable. The design is creative and stylish to give your dog a perfect look. Besides this, a padded sponge mat is inside the helmet cap, which is responsible for the dog’s safety and protection.

  • Stylish design with the only hat
  • Provide thermos protection
  • Suitable for all sized dogs
  • The chin strap slips off sometimes
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5. Enjoying Dog Helmets for Motorcycles:

Enjoying Dog Helmets for Motorcycles


  • It comes in two sizes, small and medium.
  • Black in color
  • The helmet weighs 1.94 ounces.
  • Made up of premium quality ABS material
  • Inner soft sponge mat
  • Adjustable chin strap to wear it quickly.
  • The helmet allows stickers for different events.
  • The strap length is 16 to 19 inches.
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs and cats
  • Ventilation holes to make the dog comfortable

Enjoying dog helmets is a real deal for a cool, stylish, and comfortable dog rider look that will also keep your dog secure and safe. ABS’s high-quality material is a versatile helmet too because you can use it for both motorcycle helmets and cycle rides. Furthermore, the helmet size is only small and medium; hence it can only be used for smaller dogs.

The adjustable chin strap helps the helmet to fit correctly. Besides this, the helmet has a small peak to act as a shield for the dog’s eyes. Both the helmet cap and front peak protect your pup from wind, dust, and sun rays. There are also vent holes at the backside of the helmet for proper ventilation and to avoid suffocation. Finally, inner soft sponge padding is an excellent feature of this helmet because it is responsible for securing the dog from trauma.

  • Long strap to adjust easily
  • Can put stickers for Christmas and Halloween
  • The helmet falls off quickly
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6. LESYPET Dog Helmet -Padded Pet Motorcycle Helmet Safety Cap:

LESYPET Dog Helmet -Paded Pet Motorcycle Helmet Safety Cap


  • Available in small and medium-size
  • The diameter of a small helmet is 4 inches and circumference is 12.3,” while for medium size diameter is 5  inches and circumference is 15.4.”
  • The closure is hook and loop style, which makes it easy to wear
  • High-quality ABS plastic material
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stylish design to protect your dog from wind, rain, and sun rays
  • Soft sponge padded interior to keep the dog safe from trauma
  • The adjustable chin strap of nylon to fit the dog’s head
  • Suitable and safe for small cats and dogs
  • The helmet weighs almost 1.9 ounces.

The helmet is not only stylish and creative in its looks but also durable and sturdy. It is a build-up of good quality material to protect your dog’s head from the rain: Sun, and wind. There is a soft sponge pad inside the cap, which provides comfort to your pet and also responsible for safety during the ride.

Besides this, there is a nylon chin strap that can be adjusted according to the head of your dog’s shape and size. Buckle closure makes the helmet comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is more stable and stays on the head during blows.

  • Ideal for motorcycle, and bicycle
  • Comfortable to wear due to closure style
  • Stable on head
  • Not suitable for large breeds
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Having the best motorcycle helmet for dogs keeps your buddies out of challenging situations. We pray the day never comes, but if you are in an unfortunate event, you would instead be thanking the lucky stars you had invested in a dog helmet rather than the alternative.

The comfort of the dog’s helmet is a top priority when it comes to construction. You will be able to find great styles that fit well on your dog. And you may get a few oohs and ahs on the road as well!


Do dog helmets work?

Dog helmets protect your dog from rain, wind, and sun. Good quality motorcycle helmet keeps your pet safe from trauma and acts as a cushion in case of an accident.

Can I ride with my dog on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can. But dogs need proper training to ride on a motorcycle. Moreover, they should wear goggles and a helmet for safety purposes.

Do helmets provide safety during accidents?

Helmets have a built-in sponge padded matt inside the cap, which prevents injuries and protects your dog’s head in case of an accident.

My dog is too small, can I get a helmet of this size?

Dog helmets come in different sizes, such as small, medium, and large. Moreover, they have different diameters and circumference. Some brands offer motorcycle helmets for small breeds of cats and dogs.

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