How to Stop a Dog from Chewing everything

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Everything. Dogs and especially puppies are eager in terms of their personality. They tend to explore anything and everything around them. In between this expedition of their own, they chew on different objects which they might find. If you own a dog, have you ever wondered, “Why does my dog chew things when I leave the house?” You might think that dogs that chew have just picked up on a nasty habit, which is not entirely correct. There can be multiple reasons why dogs chew on objects.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety. There are different symptoms to judge if a dog is stressed when left alone. Chewing can be one of them. If the dogs chew even when not alone, it is possible that the chewing is more intense when you are not present with the dog. Various other activities such as restlessness, whining, pacing, barking, defecation, and urination can also indicate if a dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

Fabric Sucking

Some dogs pick up a habit of chewing or sucking of fabrics. A popular opinion among experts suggests that this can be because a pup younger than 7 to 8 weeks has been on a diet other than its mother’s milk. If you notice a behavior of fabric sucking, it is wise to stop it in its steps. This behavior can be hard to handle if the dog is indulging in it for significant amounts of time, as it can, later on, become not easily resistible for the dog.


Some people might have their dogs on a strict diet, which is a very common tact to deal with overweight and unhealthy eating issues. Such dogs also incline towards chewing habits. This chewing behavior is a dog’s way to seek out nutrition in different objects, especially the things which taste and smell like food.


How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Everything

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing Everything

Things you Can do for Reducing Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing

1: Puppy Teething

If you ask when do puppies stop chewing everything, the answer is, they never do. Although you can limit the things and teach them not to chew everything they find and restrict them to their toys only. The process through which a puppy goes through when growing their teeth is similar to that of an infant. Puppies will first lose their baby teeth and then get new adult teeth, which can be a slightly painful process. The chewing intensifies around this process when they are growing adult teeth to cope with the pain. Some owners prefer to provide them with cold and frozen things such as ice-cubes, or frozen towels so that when a dog chews on them, it will numb the teeth and will cause the dog to experience less pain.

2: Normal Chewing Behavior

If you keep thinking about how to stop a dog from chewing everything, then you should first know that chewing on objects is normal for a dog. For a dog that is a pet or not a pet, there is nothing out of the ordinary if they spend time chewing on stuff. As mentioned earlier, there is more than one reason why a dog likes to chew on different things. As it is a lot of fun for the dogs to chew on items, it keeps their teeth hard and clean and helps minimize their stress levels. Now that we have established that chewing is not a bad thing, but it can get annoying for different reasons. If not controlled, dogs tend to chow down anything they find. You should have designated toys and items, and the dogs should be restricted to only utilize those as a chew toy. It may not be as easy as it sounds. Just providing objects to chew on is not enough. The doggies need the training to learn about what appropriate chewing items are and which objects are out of bounds for them.

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Everything

Describing Main Types of Dogs

1: The Isolated Pup

Dogs are family animals. They love to be in your company. If you have a pet dog, it is not a good idea to leave it alone for lengthy periods. Dogs get lonely and bored when left alone. To deal with the loneliness and boredom, they might lean towards more chewing of different objects. If you have to, it is better to make arrangements which might affect the situation positively.

Being prepared does not mean tying your dog in a corner and leaving him alone in misery. You have to provide him with an environment in which he feels comfortable. You can make a den-like place where he can stay. Dogs possess a denning instinct, might as well use this trait of theirs to your advantage. To acquire this objective, you need a small place where your dog can comfortably lie down or be able to move a bit. You can either utilize a small room in your house, the shack in the backyard, or maybe build a kennel, especially for the dog. Make sure not to choose a place where your dog can damage anything. A dog can find many things chewable that are not preferred by you. A kennel is a pretty viable option as it is exclusive only to your pet.

Now that all things set and you are ready to leave the house, leave some of his favorite chewies in his confined area and let him have the fun. You cannot pick-up just any object as a chewable for your dog. They need to be acceptable chewies. They have to be toys that are not easily consumable by dogs. Beef marrow bones and Nylabones are preferable. They keep your dog busy for quite some time. Different household items, which may be not of any use to you, still are not acceptable chewies for your dogs. For instance, if you provide your dog with an old shoe which you do not wear. Later the dog will adopt a habit of chewing on shoes. Dogs cannot differentiate between old shoes and new shoes and will continue to chew on any shoe, not figuring out the difference. The same can be the case with other household items. This choice will play a vital part in how to stop a dog from chewing everything as it will restrict your dog from some objects and discipline him in a way on which items to chew.

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Everything

While leaving the dog, do not show a lot of attachment. Wave a casual goodbye making the dog believe that you will be back in no time. Make him used to the feeling that you are not going to be there for some time.

For the starting couple of weeks, do not provide a lot of freedom to your dog. Monitor him and keep him in a confined space. Seize all the chances that he can chew on objects other than the ones provided to him. After the second week, give him free space by keeping the door of its confined space open. Leave it alone for a while, and if you find abomination of different items when you come back, there is a probability that your dog is anxious about staying away from you.

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2: The Anxious Pup

An anxious dog is the one who feels uneasy and distressed when left alone. Dogs usually prefer to be social as they are pack animals. It is safe to say that pack animals, as they are left alone, do not do very well as they are scared of their safety. They believe in numbers regarding their well-being. If you want to leave your dog behind, you need to make him realize that he is in a safe place. As mentioned above, for this purpose, the most viable option seems to be a dog kennel. Introduce the kennel to your dog, making him believe that the place belongs to him and is a haven as far as his safety is concerned. The same rules apply to him as a lonely dog. Provide him with his favorite chewie’s but before giving him his chew toys, rub your palms around it so that your scent settles within it. The attention of the dog will be diverted all the time since it can sense your smell.

The method stated below has provided positive outputs on how to stop a dog from chewing everything. Take away all the previous chewing toys that your dog liked. Use a meat-scented nylon bone as a replacement. When playing fetch with your dog, use that bone as the prop. Repeat this at least twice a day so that the dog recognizes the bone and your scent settles down in it. Give this to your dog as a chew toy. The dog will most likely love to chew it down as it has your scent and that of meat.

Repeat the same steps as for the lonely dog for the first couple of weeks. Place the dog in its confined space with its chewing toy. After a couple of weeks, provide the dog with a little freedom for 10 to 20 minutes and examine its behavior. If there is an improvement in the conduct of the dog, keep extending the time. If not, keep reducing the time in which the dog is left alone.

The Anxious Pup

Sometimes the behavior of the dogs can be harmful to it as it is trying to free himself from the confinement through force. If you find a similar kind of case with your dog, hire a professional for additional assistance.

The owners of dogs need to understand that this chewing habit of a dog is pretty usual. Dogs are curious creatures. This habit of their also helps them to relieve tension. To minimize this problem, you need to take some thought out steps and guide your pets towards appropriate behavior.

Important Tips

1: Dog-proofing your Place

The first step to ‘stop dog chewing furniture home remedies’ is dog-proofing your house. To achieve this goal, you need to hide valuable objects or put them in a safe place, away from your dogs. Keep your shoes and clothes in the closet, do not leave your laundry lying around here and there. You do not have to give your dog options to chew on anything other than its toys.

Give your dog a chew-buffet consisting of a lot of different toys. Make sure that these toys are inedible. It is better to provide a changed toy now and then so that your dog does not get bored with the same toys and tries to find more things to chew. Provide your dog with bones that are specialized for chewing, do not give it leftover bones as they can harm your dog in different ways.

2: Giving Something to Chew

Every once in a while, present your dog with an edible chew. When you give your dog an edible chew, make sure to keep an eye on it as sometimes dogs are likely to choke on such types of chews if they bite off a big piece from these chewies.

3: Puzzle Toys

Treating your dogs with puzzle toys is a way to keep him distracted. If you think your dog wants to chew on something, provide him a puzzle toy with a treat inside of it. It will keep your dog busy for a while as it looks for its gift. You can also use your daily dog-food items in these kinds of toys.

4: Dog Chewing Deterrent

One of the most effective ways on how to Stop a Dog from Chewing everything is the utilization of dog chewing deterrents. Make your dog identify the odor of this deterrent. Just apply the impediment on a piece of cloth or a paper and give it to your dog. Your dog will most likely spit the object out as it will not agree with the taste. Now that the dog has recognized the odor and flavor, spray it on different items that you do not want your dog to chew. Keep spraying for 2 to 3 weeks, as a little time will pass, the dog will know the difference about which items to chew and which not to.

5: Supervision

You need to keep track of the activity of your dog. Notice if its chewing behavior is under control or not. If your dog starts to chew something that it is not allowed to, stop it by saying things such as, “No” or “bad dog”. After that, take that item away from its mouth and present the dog with its chew-toy. Pat him and praise him so that he does not feel sad.

6: When you Cannot Provide Supervision to the Dog

As mentioned earlier in the article, if you are going to leave your dog, then you will have to make arrangements so that your dog does not get lonely and bored. On top of that, it does not chew on items it’s not allowed to chew. To achieve this goal, you need to designate a confinement area for your dog that is locked but has enough room for your dog to move or lie around. Leave your dog with your favorite chewies and toys with which it likes to play. Double-check not to leave anything in that area which your dog is not allowed chewing. If you are not going to be there for quite some time, then you have to exercise your dog a lot before leaving or after arriving, basically anytime when your dog is free.

Dog in swimming pool

7: Playtime/Exercise is Essential

If you are going to leave your dog alone for some time, make sure to give him a good playtime and exercise. Make him be around other dogs and be social with them and other people. All of this will help keep his stress level low and avoid intense chewing when he is left alone.

8: What to Eat and What Not to Eat

You should train your dog in a way that it understands which items it is allowed to chew on and which are not. Old useless objects are unacceptable chewie’s because you might find it old but, the dog cannot understand the difference between an old item and a new item. If you provide your dog with an old shoe, it will likely get hooked on chewing any shoe which is in your house, not realizing which is the old one and which one is the new one.

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Some Precautions

Some of the young dogs grow a habit of chewing dirty laundry and discarded sanitary items such as baby napkins and tampons etc. You need to keep those items out of reach for these dogs. Always keep your dirty laundry in a hamper and discard your used sanitary products in a way that a dog cannot access it.

1: Lack of Exercise

A dog needs to play and exercise. It is fun and also causes it to lose stressed feelings. If a dog is not exercised or played with, it will find other ways to release their stress and can choose to chew as an option. There are many ways to prevent a dog from stress-chewing. It is better to take your dog outside in the park for a walk, take your dog to a dog park and let it roam free and play with other dogs. Play games with your dog such as fetch, play with a Frisbee, take your dog to a lake with you for swimming, and provide food puzzles.

2: Stress and Frustration

As mentioned time and again on how to Stop a Dog from Chewing everything, you need your dog to be stress-free. Your dog will chew to get the stress out if it is feeling nervous or scared. It can happen for multiple reasons. Maybe your dog is confined with an animal with which it does not get along. Your dog can also get stressed if some children or anyone tease him. It is better to keep an eye out for such incidents and try to avoid them.

If a dog thinks that it is not being provided enough attention, then it will start asking for it. Dogs who are not involved in a lot of outside activities tend to go towards this kind of behavior. They will bite, shake, or start chewing any objects that they find near them. This is their way of showing their frustration. This kind of destructive behavior can be avoided. The most appropriate way to tackle this problem is to be proactive. Figure out when your dog might get frustrated and provide him with a toy instantly for them to chew. These types of frustrations also might come out when your dog sees their other classmates running and having fun. If you own a shelter, every dog there should have their chewie in their confinement crate. Teach them to behave appropriately when someone comes and just walk forward to acquire attention.

Dog Setting on pillow

What you Shouldn’t Do

1: No act of aggression

Do not be angry or aggressive towards your dog. Do not punish it for something it did a while ago. Dogs are unable to understand this behavior. Such kind of behavior will only stress-out the animal.

2: No use of tape

Restricting your dog to chew by wrapping duct tape around its mouth is simply a cruel act in itself. This kind of action has proven to be fatal for dogs. It does not teach your dog anything and only causes pain.

3: Do not tie any object to your pup

Similar to duct taping, tying any object which your dog has chewed or damaged is a callous act and does not achieve anything.

4: No over-confinement

If you have to leave your dog, make sure not to lock the poor animal for lengthy periods. A maximum of 6 hours is more than enough. Let your dog roam free and train it to behave.

5: No muzzles

Muzzling your dog so that it is not able to chew anything is not acceptable.

Final Word

As puppies grow up, they are also growing a set of teeth, which can be a painful process. These young ones chew to cope up with that pain. For the lot that is past this stage, chewing helps them to get rid of frustration and may relieve them of mild anxiety. Chewing also helps in naturally cleaning the teeth of a dog and keeping the teeth sturdy. Still, we can help you to reduce this habit of dogs and provide you with basic guidelines on how to stop a dog from chewing everything.

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