how to stop a Dog barking at night

Are you there to find out how to stop dog barking at night? WELL, Dogs and puppies are the most loved pet animals worldwide. They are adored for their cuteness, loyalty, and friendly nature. But in some cases, dogs can have negative temperament and problems.

One of the most common problems with dogs is their barking habit. I can say for sure that barking, especially barking at night, is the only hated thing about these pet animals. Imagine being in your bed after having a long day, it’s quiet and comfortable, but suddenly your dog starts barking.

How to Stop Dog Barking Tips

Your good night’s sleep can be ruined in seconds because of it. Most people don’t know that they are mostly responsible for their dog’s barking at night because they haven’t trained their dog, or maybe the dog isn’t comfortable for some other reason.

So, if you face the same problem and want your dog to stop barking at night, keep on reading as we have discussed the main reasons for the barking of a dog. Along with it, we have provided multiple steps on how to stop a Dog barking at night.

Why is Your Dog Barking at Night?

First of all, you need to find out the reason behind your dog’s unusual barking at night. There can be multiple reasons for it. We have given below all the possible reasons that can cause your dog to bark at night.

  • One of the leading reasons for dogs’ barking is that they feel scared or due to something that bothers them. They also bark because they need the attention of their owner.
  • Due to isolation distress-feeling alone, or maybe due to being in a cage or crate. This is one of the main reasons because:
  • You allowed your dog to sleep in your bed.
  • Your pet isn’t trained enough to sleep alone at night.
  • Because of too much attachment with the dog, you could have spent more time soothing him when he barked for the first time.
  • Dogs can bark, usually due to any soreness or pain.
  • The old age of the dogs can also be a reason for a dog’s barking at night.

How to Stop Dog Barking at Night?

So, what should you do now? Well, there are multiple ways that one can use to stop their dog from barking at night, but each step is for a specific reason that causes a dog to bark. Read all of them and find out which one is suitable for you.

Step 1-Get him Checked by a Veterinary:

 If your dog suddenly started barking at night out of the blue and you didn’t face this problem before, you should get him checked by a Veterinary first. If your dog isn’t happy and is barking a lot, this can mean that he isn’t feeling well. Like humans, dogs aren’t immune to diseases; rather, they have more chances of having a health problem because they eat different things, some of which can be unhealthy for them.

The most common health problems that a dog has included a stomach ache, which is caused due to eating random things, or a bladder infection.

How to Stop Dog Barking at Night

The health problems are linked with the age of the dog too. If your dog is entering the elderly part of his age, he may face health problems quite often. In old age, dogs have cognitive decline, and if your dog is suffering from it, there are multiple treatments that a pet doctor can perform to get rid of it.

Step 2-Check for Possible Disturbances:

Any kind of disturbance can cause your dog to bark at night. Dogs are sensitive animals, and they can be easily provoked by anything. It can be either any kind of noise outside, an object that your dog wants or don’t like, and many more.

So, if that is the case, then you need to check for any source of disturbance nearby. Usually, only a temporary noise, like a loud horn, can cause your dog to bark for a long time.

That is why you need to make sure that your dog sleeps in a place that gives way to less noise. Also, the environment around the dog shouldn’t be distracting. For example, you can’t put a bowl of food next to the crate or a toy that your dog likes. Search for a source of disturbance and get rid of it.

Step 3-Exercise and Training:

If you have recently adopted a dog or puppy and face the problem of a dog barking at night, you need to focus on the training and exercise of your pet.

If your pet normally trains for less than an hour, you need to increase it. The simple logic is being applied here, the more tired we are, good sleep we enjoy.

dog Exercise and Training

If you have a well-trained dog, but still, he is up at night and barks, you should increase his exercise and training sessions. You can teach your dog a lot of things that help in improving his sleep time.

Step 4-Remove your Attention:

Before asking how to stop dog barking at night, make sure you aren’t the reason for it. Sometimes the owner of the dog is responsible for the barking at night. Many people check on their dogs at night, which stays in the mind of a dog. For some reason, if the owner doesn’t continue this habit, it irritates the dog and causes him to bark.

The solution to this is that if you hear your dog barking at night and everything is fine, don’t stay there for long and try to act as nothing happened. Go back to your bed, and most probably, the dog will stop barking on its own. But this can take a few days before your pet gets back to its natural routine.

Step 5-Remove the Motivation:

Keep the environment less distracting for your dog as they bark most of the time because they want some kind of treat or reward. It is better not to give your dog an opportunity to bark. Close the curtains of the room your dog sleeps in to avoid contact with what is outside.

Important points to keep in mind:

Here are some important points that you should keep in mind while training your dog. These tips will help in reducing the barking of your dog.

  • If your dog barks quite often, don’t yell at them because you give them more reason to bark.
  • Try to be friendly while training your dog and adopt new ways so that your dog won’t get bored easily.
  • You should try to train your dog more consistently, and he should be familiar with all the members of your family. If someone else is training your dog, make sure they follow your training method and avoid doing any experiments.
  • Reward your dog for good behavior and give him food at a specific time.

FAQs-How to Stop Dog Barking at Night?

Here are some frequently asked questions related to dogs barking at night.

Can I punish my dog for barking?

Some people consider it right to punish their dogs in multiple ways. Splashing water on the dog or hitting him. In some cases, people even opt for shock collars.

This is not only ethically wrong, but it has negative effects on the dog. Beating your dog can increase his aggression and reduce the mental capacity to learn new things.

Many certified dog trainers advise that one should not punish their dogs for barking and opt for other lenient and friendly methods.

Should I get my dog a friend?

Many people shared their experience on this question, and most of them weren’t happy with how things turned out when they adopted another dog. You should first see the nature of your dog around other dogs and then make this decision.

Is crying it out unkind?

As harsh it seems, it is normally the solution to the barking of the dog. Suppose you know that your dog is fine and doesn’t have any health problems. It is ok for him to cry it out.

Sometimes your dog can wake up at night and start crying. This can continue for some time, but it is better to leave him because he should know that he won’t get to play at night.

Does my dog have separation anxiety?

When the pet dog barks at night, many people assume that their dog might have separation anxiety. If you have a puppy, it can be due to loneliness, but if your dog is older, he can smell you and know when you are in the house.

It is ok for a dog to bark at night if no one is at home, but it is less likely due to loneliness if it’s the opposite.


Summarizing the whole topic in a few words, if your dog isn’t stopping barking at night, then get him checked by a doctor. Take care of all the distractions that can cause the barking of your dog, and make sure that your dog trains for more than an hour.

Take him on walks during the day and try to get him tired. Feed him at specific times and don’t show any attention at night if it is not needed. Let us know if this article was helpful to you in any way.

How to Stop Dog Barking At Night

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