How To Teach A Dog To Give Paw (9 Simple Step-By-Steps)

How To Teach A Dog To Give Paw!

Tricks are a fun way to show off how smart your dog is, but they aren’t always easily taught.

Indeed, it can be difficult to train your dog to shake paws, but here at Me&Puppies, we’ve come up with some tricks of our own to help you overcome this obstacle!

What Do You Need to Get Started

How To Teach A Dog To Give Paw

To learn how to teach your dog to give paw, all you need are a few simple items!

  • A Quiet Environment
    This is crucial since you’ll want a space where your dog won’t be distracted by anything going on in the background. Making sure you have this sort of space will help to ensure the success of you and your furry friend!
  • A Determined – but Excited Attitude
    You’re going to have to show your dog that you mean business. Be careful not to be too serious though. Instead, channel a voice of encouragement and keep a positive outlook.
  • A Few Of Your Dog’s Favorite Treats
    Give your pet some motivation! Having their favorite treat ready for them will give them added incentive to listen and learn. We recommend breaking these treats up into smaller pieces when you give them out as rewards. This will help to ensure that your buddy doesn’t get a tummy ache!
  • Patience
    Last but not least, be patient with your training! No matter how smart your dog is, you’re going to have to practice with them a few times before you have success. Keep practicing daily for short sessions (we recommend 5 to 10 minutes on average).

How to Teach the Trick

How To Teach A Dog To Give Paw

You’re on your way to teaching your dog to give paw! From here on out, you’ll only need to follow a few simple steps!

#1. Have Your Dog Sit

Start by getting your dog into position with a trick your dog already knows: sit. If your dog hasn’t mastered sit yet, we recommend that you go to this article and teach them that trick before moving on to giving paw.

#2. Encourage Your Dog With Treats

Have a treat readily available in your hand. Make sure it is visible. This will help to encourage your dog to focus and listen to what you have to say.

Try to have the rest of the treats nearby. We’ve found that keeping the treats in a jacket pocket helps.

#3. Encourage Your Dog Raise His Hands

Once your dog has seen the treat, close your fist over it. This will signify to your dog that they will have to work to earn the treat.

Hold your fist close to the dog’s foot to encourage them to raise the paw up to you.

#4. Keep Your Dog Sit

If your dog tries to stand up, pull the treat back and tell your dog to sit again.

#5. Reward Good Behavior

If your dog raises his paw – even a little bit – give it the treat. Be sure to emphasize what a good boy dog they are.

#6. Be Consistent

Repeat this process again. Be sure to say “paw” slowly and clearly so your dog can start to associate this word with the trick you’re trying to get it to learn.

#7. Give Your Dog Encouragement

If your dog bats at your hand (like most dogs will) give it the treat and say ‘good’, ‘that’s right’, or a signal word that you normally use to signify that your dog is doing the right thing.

#8. Keep Your Hand Out

Remember to keep your other hand out flat so you can shake your dog’s paw when he takes the treat.

#9. Make Your Dog Work For It

Gradually space out the treats once your dog begins to catch on to the trick. If your dog is quickly remembering, try giving a treat once every two or three times instead of every time your dog performs the trick right.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! You’re on your way to teaching your dog how to shake hands! Simply practice daily for 5 – 10 minutes and you and your dog will be on your way to mastering this trick!

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