How To Train Your Dog To Sit Using A Treat!

You need to train your dog to sit by teaching him the “sit” command that is the first step in making sure that, you are on the right track.

It requires hard work and commitment for the dog to learn the obedience commands, with the sit command being the first one, at times seem nearly impossible and exhausting.

But once you succeed, you will enjoy it as it will make a world of difference and will help you to provide a great opportunity where you can bond with others.

Before you go any further, I would like to bring to your attention that, puppies have a shorter span of attention, and will be hard for you to expect your puppy to have your full attention if you are going to take a longer period of your training sessions.

​It is important that, for each step you take, make sure that it is short and precise and make sure that the distractions are minimum or nil so that your dog’s concentration is maintained.

And with time, you will be able to win the attention of your dog, thus increasing time spent during training as the days progress.

Methods Used To Train The Dog


There are several methods that you can use to achieve the best results when training your dog to sit with the following methods being the most common:

  • Establishing a Conducive Environment for Training
  • Using the treat trick
  • Offering physical guidance
  • Making sure that the dog is praised for its natural behaviors

Items Required

  • Treats that are soft like hot dogs, cheese sticks, packed training treats
  • Small treats like natural balanced treat rolls and kibble
  • Something that the dog likes most

Steps By Step On How To Carry Out The Training


#1. Obtain A Variety Of Small Treats

It is important that you have a variety of treats in small pieces because you are going to use them severally during the training session.

To make it cheaper, you can utilize homemade foods which are good for the dogs like carrots, chicken, apple, or green beans.

If your dog is overweight, you will need to find a reduced diet or calorie treat to avoid making it obese. Before you give the dog-human food, check it out to make sure that it is safe for your dog.

#2. Make Sure You Capture The Dog’s Attention

Before you start teaching your dog any behaviors, you are supposed to, first of all, make sure that, you gain your dog’s attention.

You can achieve this by making sure that you stand directly in front of your dog with him facing you. It will enable the dog to completely focus on you, thus making it be in a position to see and hear you.

#3. The Treat To Shown To The Dog

Show the treat to the dog so that it is aware that you have it in your hand, but it should be aware that, it is not easy to grip it.

It will make your dog curious about how to get it from your hand and thus, make it give you its full attention.

#4. Move The Treat From The Nose Of The Dog Behind Its Back

You should place the treat next to the dog’s nose; then you slowly raise it over its head.

It will make him follow the treat with his nose and eyes, and this will make it place its bottom on the ground because it will be forced to look upward.

#5. Say “Sit” And As It Sits, Rewards It With A Treat

Once the rear end of the dog makes contact with the ground, say the word “sit” with affirmation and then reward it once it sits down.

#6. Praise Its Behavior

Keep praising the dog as you continue giving it the treat. It will make it known that it did the right thing.

#7. Release The Dog From The Sit Position

You can use the command “free” or “release” to make the dog un-sit.

#8. Repeat The Process Several Times

Repeat number 1 – 7 several times until the dog is accustomed to it and can now sit and free whenever you want it to.

At the end of the day, you will have achieved your goal of how to train your dog to sit using a treat.


If you follow the above eight steps, you will be able to train your dog to sit in the simplest ways possible.

Like teaching your dog to give paw or to play dead, make sure that you don’t stress up the dog as doing so will make it hate the training procedure.

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