Primal Freeze Dried Munchies Treats

Primal Freeze Dried Munchies Treats


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Treat your dog or cat to a delectable, crunchy meat treat with Primal Freeze-Dried Munchies Treats.Every tasty morsel of Primal Freeze-Dried Munchies Treats consists of one yummy, single ingredient- meat! These crunchy morsels only undergo the gentle process of freeze-drying which keeps flavor and nutrients left in tact.Primal Freeze-Dried Munchies Treats are made with only meat as the single ingredient, leaving no room for anything artificial. Not only are these morsels great for training but are a great option for pets with food sensitivities or allergies. Your dog or cat will love these scrumptious treats and you can feel confident offering a healthy treat.Reward your dog or cat with nothing but the best by offering Primal Freeze-Dried Munchies Treats.


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