winter storm

The central US will experience renewed winter weather from Monday evening, March 28, affecting areas from Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This shows that the region is far from escaping the remnants of the last winter season despite spring having already arrived.

Winter Weather

Winter storm

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Most parts of the Rockies, the Great Plains, and other areas across the Central US, including Rapid City, South Dakota, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, have recorded warm weather on Sunday, March 27.

However, a potent storm may bring winter weather as the week progresses, as per AccuWeather.

Rainfall is expected in the Rockies and the Plains from Monday night to Tuesday, March 29, as cold air from a jet stream will shift from to the Western US.

This will result in snowflakes in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

The storm will also cause widespread rain and snow in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota on Tuesday evening.

It will also affect some parts of the Western US, including California, and southern Canada, including Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Tuesday, bringing potential rain and snow accumulation.

The weather disturbance will likely continue until Thursday, March 31, and affect the central region and its surrounding areas in the coming days; as the storm strengthens over the Midwest and Great Lakes.

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Weather Hazards and Disruption

While the weather hazards for this week’s winter weather are not considered life-threatening, they can still cause disruption to infrastructure, including isolated power outages, and travel, including road traffic and domestic flights.

The heaviest snowfall may occur in areas between northern Minnesota and Ontario, Canada, with an estimated 12 to 18 inches of snow accumulation, as per AccuWeather.

Meanwhile, northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan may experience the greatest risk of ice from Tuesday evening to Wednesday, March 29.

Gusty winds also pose a threat to the upper Midwest from late Wednesday to Thursday.

Other Forecast

Whereas the Central US will experience a new round of winter weather, the Southern US is subject to life-threatening thunderstorms in Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama in the coming days, as per another AccuWeather forecast.

On the other hand, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Weather Service (NWS) issued another weather alert that dry conditions may yield critical fire weather across some parts of the Central US and Southeast US before Monday evening.

In the western region, the US weather agency also added localized heavy rain and high-altitude snowfall can occur in central and southern California from Sunday, March 27, to Monday.

Spring Season

The latest weather forecasts show that the US is still vulnerable to severe weather conditions despite the arrival of the spring season on March 20.

Springtime in the country may last until May and is expected to be dominated by warm and calm weather.

However, the occurrence of weather fluctuations, ranging from dry to winter-like conditions, is still expected across the country. According to the NOAA – National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), thunderstorms are still likely to transpire during the spring season and throughout the year.

There is also a high probability of tornado outbreaks from these thunderstorms.

Over recent weeks, multiple tornadoes wreaked havoc across the US, including in Iowa and Texas, resulting in multiple casualties and catastrophic damage.

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