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Scooby the dog has been rescued by firefighters after being swept away by strong currents of the Los Angeles River for about two hours on Monday afternoon, March 28.

The German Shepherd likely fell into the river following a recent storm in California.

A storm system brought torrential rain in the state, including in downtown Los Angeles, before the incident.

River Rescue

German shepherd

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Emergency personnel responded to reports of the stranded dog in an area between Burbank Boulevard and Woodley Avenue near Sherman Oaks at around 2:00 p.m. PDT (local time) on Monday.

However, the rescue attempt was followed by a grueling situation due to the strong currents.

In a YouTube video posted by CBS Los Angeles, aerial footage of the river rescue shows that the two-hour dog chase included a bystander who attempted to grab the dog from the current.

The bystander, a 28-year-old man, successfully grabbed Scooby but bit him in the hand, which led to their separation, which would drag on for a prolonged period of time.

Several firefighters of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) were involved in the operation.

One of the firefighters was able to grab Scooby from the river and transferred him safely along the banks.

The rescuer was attached to a helicopter using a rope system.

The German Shepherd was initially with his owner who was also swept away by the LA River current.

Due to the challenging circumstances, the owner had let go of Scooby when the firefighters rescued her first.

The owner was sent to the hospital due to minor injuries, said ABC 7.

Scooby has now been reunited with his owner and family, as per from latest reports.

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LAFD Reminders

During the dramatic dog rescue, the LAFD issued an advisory asking all bystanders to stay out of the LA River due to the ground and aerial rescue operation.

The department also highlighted that additional risks will emerge if a civilian interferes with the rescue.

In addition, the department also reminded the public that the powerful downpour of current of at least six inches is enough to sweep a person off their feet.

On the other hand, 12 inches of moving water can weep most vehicles, said the LAFD.

Storm System

Scooby’s ordeal in the LA river was preceded by a storm system that brought rain and snow to the drought-stricken region.

The adverse weather event was accompanied by flash floods, lightning, and small hail.

On Monday, heavy rain transpired in Los Angeles County after a storm passed through Santa Barbara and Ventura, according to National Weather Service (NWS), as cited by the Los Angeles Times.

The storm system was part of the weather forecast earlier this week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – NWS, indicating that the Western US, including California, will experience torrential rain and snowfall from Sunday to Monday, March 27 to March 28.

For the past two decades, the Southwest US and the Western US have experienced extremely dry conditions, including warm temperatures and drought.

The said weather and climatical conditions also aggravated the growth and spread of wildfires, notably in California.

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