Why Does My Dog get Aggressive When Tired

Why Does My Dog get Aggressive When Tired?

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are always excited and super happy to play. They are a complete bundle of energy that’s just waiting to burst at all times. However, there are times when your dog might be feeling a bit down. Although this is an uncommon experience, you might have noticed it quite a few times.

Why Does My Dog get Aggressive When Tired

Furthermore, there are certain occasions when your friendly furry mates start acting a bit moody and angry which leaves you wondering that why does my dog gets aggressive when tired? To answer all your questions and clear all sorts of confusion, we have gathered all the information you will need to stay updated with your dog’s mood.

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Why is My Dog Suddenly Aggressive Towards Me?

Tiredness is one of the most common causes of aggression in dogs. However, there are several signs that show that your dog is being aggressive towards you and they are as follows:

1. Constant Nipping

Nipping is kind of mild biting and it could be a sign of aggression as well. Dogs might start nipping as a sign of playfulness, they can also nip when they are excited and this can also be done as a sign of fear or stress. However, when it’s done with aggression the dog becomes all stiff and usually starts growling along with nipping.

2. Increased Growling

Growling is definitely a sign of anger and aggression. A growling dog is not a pleasant sight to behold. All dogs growl with their teeth all out and this is the least friendly thing a dog could do. And growling should also be taken as a threatening sign that your dog is about to bite you anytime soon.

3. Regular Snapping

Snapping is almost similar and frightening to growling. This is a warning sign from the dog as it tells you to not come close to it. A dog only snaps when it’s tired of being around people or when someone new is being a bit too friendly to it when it just wants to be alone. However, if you don’t take notice of this threat and act on it seriously, you might end up getting bitten.

4. Impulsive Biting

Biting is where one draws the line. This is the final stage of aggression when a dog can’t control its anger, it resorts to biting people. However, your pet dog should never bite you and if they do then you might have to reconsider keeping them at home with you.

Why Does My Dog Get Aggressive at Night?

If you’re thinking that why does my dog get aggressive at night, then we have a few answers to your query. All dogs are super energetic and that’s in their nature. However, they need to release their pent-up energy one way or another which is why they are extremely active throughout the entire day and end up becoming super tired at night.

As a result of the excessive tiredness, your dog gets aggressive at night. This aggression is further fueled when they aren’t able to sleep at night. There can be numerous underlying causes for their insomnia that leads you to think that my dog gets aggressive when tired.

Why Does My Dog Get Aggressive at Night

The constantly tired state of your dog could also be the result of a prolonged and unchecked medical condition. Therefore, if your dog starts to show any signs of growling, snapping, or nipping then it could mean that they are suffering from some hidden injury or underlying medical condition that’s causing them pain.

This could also be a sign of fear as dogs mostly show aggression when they are afraid and want to defend themselves. You should make sure that no one in your house mistreats your dog and you should also keep a check on the interactions of your pet with other animals as well.

Why Does My Dog Get Aggressive When Woken Up?

In case you’re afraid of the fact that your dog gets aggressive when woken up or why my dog wakes up attacking, then you have nothing to worry about since all dogs become aggressive when they are woken up abruptly. It’s an instant reflex.

Why Does My Dog Get Aggressive When Woken Up

Like all humans become alert when they are woken up in the middle of their sleep, dogs become alert as well and put their defenses up by acting aggressive. So, the next time to think that why does my dog growl at night when I move him, then it’s important for you to understand that it’s a natural response.

What are the Symptoms of an Exhausted Dog?

The following are the most common exhausted dog symptoms:

1. Excessive Yawning

If your dog keeps yawning every now and then, then this is a clear indicator of their exhaustion.

2. Forgotten Commands

Like all trainers, we’re sure that you too have worked hard to train your dog but when your dog fails to recognize or understand your commands then it means that they have forgotten them.

3. Constant Panting

If you feel that your dog keeps panting at all times, then it shows how tired they are.

4. Thirsty at All Times

Thirst is a sign of dehydration and dehydration means exhaustion. If your dog feels thirsty then this means that it is most probably exhausted.

5. Not into Playing

All dogs love to play and if your dog is avoiding playtime then this means that they don’t have the energy for it. Therefore, your dog is tired and exhausted.

What are the Solutions for Fixing My Dog’s Aggression?

The following are some of the most effective methods for dealing with your dog’s aggressive behavior:

1. Avoid Punishments

We often tend to punish our pets if they misbehave and they do listen to us. However, if your dog seems to be a bit out of control then it would be best to avoid punishing it as it can backfire. Your dog might end up becoming more aggressive than before.

Therefore, you must make sure to treat your dog with kindness and sympathy at all costs. You must be relaxed at all times and not allow their aggressive behavior to rile you up because if you fight fire with fire, all you’ll get is a bigger fire.

2. Take Your Dog Out

Most of the time it’s just pent-up energy that makes your dog aggressive, which is why you should take your pet out for a stroll or a playing session so they can run and release all of their pent-up energy and aggression.

3. Consult a Vet

The doctor is your last and only hope if you can’t seem to control your dog. Therefore, you should take your dog to the vet and they will better guide you regarding the needs of your dog.

They might give your dog some sedatives or medications that will help to ease their pain that’s making them aggressive. They could also help them sleep better and they can spay or neuter or dog as well as this process greatly helps with making your dog more calm and peaceful.

Final Word

Most people wonder that why does my dog gets grumpy at night or why is my dog biting me at night and the answer is tiredness, exhaustion, and fatigue. This could also be due to an underlying medical condition or injury as well. However, most dogs usually get aggressive when tried and it’s best to keep getting them checked by a vet every now and then.


1. Do dogs get cranky when tired?

Yes, dogs do become cranky when they get tired and their crankiness is evident from their excessive growling, snapping, nipping, and biting.

2. Do puppies get aggressive when tired?

Puppies also become aggressive when they are tired. However, they are not fully mature to display the horrifying and unpleasant signs of aggression in the way of a mature dog.

3. Why is my dog suddenly aggressive towards me?

In case you’re thinking that my dog gets aggressive towards me then it’s mostly due to fatigue, exhaustion, and tiredness. They can also become aggressive if they are afraid or if they are feeling possessive of their owner. When dogs are ill or injured and suffering from pain then they could also end up becoming aggressive towards their owner.

4. How can I help my dog with sleep aggression?

The best thing you can do for your dog is to get them a nice and comfortable bed where they can sleep peacefully and take them to a well-qualified vet who can determine any underlying causes of their sleep aggression.

5. Do dogs get mad at you?

Yes, dogs can get mad at you from time to time, especially if you’re not giving them much attention or playing with them. All their pent-up energy makes them frustrated and mad at you.

6. What does it mean when dogs growl in their sleep?

Dogs usually growl in their sleep when they are dreaming or when they remember an incident where they growled.

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